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Sharon White is the founder and principle designer at Blanc Flora Floral & Event design Co. Having grown up around her grandmothers garden, Sharon's love of floral design began at an early age.

Since then, Sharon has worked in corporate as an event planning & marketing professional and has graduated  from the Floral Design Institute. 

Meet Sharon

Petal-ing our way to Valentine’s: BTS of Blanc Flora’s Valentine’s Day Prep


As the season of love approaches, florists everywhere are gearing up to deliver vibrant blooms and intricate arrangements for romantics everywhere. We know that to many, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day; it’s an expression and celebration of love. 

Therefore, we put in the work behind the scenes, including meticulous planning, careful preparations, and thoughtful creativity. So, let’s get into some of the magic (and madness) behind the scenes for this special day of love.

Valentine’s Day Planning: How We Begin

We start our Valentine’s Day planning at least five months beforehand. We start by carefully reflecting on the previous holiday’s successes and challenges, determining how to adapt for the year ahead. 

Once we have a plan, we pre-book orders with wholesalers for flowers and arrangement materials. Pre-ordering ensures we have a vast array of high-quality materials to work with.

Love in Full Color: Think Beyond Red Roses for Valentine’s 

It is no surprise that red long-stem roses, the timeless symbol of love, take center stage in our Valentine’s Day preparations. 

We always prep plenty of classic red roses and a wide variety of other gorgeous colors, including stunning pinks, soft whites, bright yellows, and more. We also stock a selection of gorgeous garden roses, which feature a more full, ruffled, and romantic petal shape. 

We ensure our inventory is brimming with a wide variety of the finest roses to help you fully express your love with more than just classic red.

Our creativity doesn’t stop at roses. We design various arrangements with other flowers for Valentine’s Day, going beyond the traditional long-stemmed roses. 

Once our Valentine’s Day 2024 arrangements are planned, we pour ourselves into taking great photos and executing our marketing plans. This prep work helps us capture the essence of our creations before the big day so our cherished customers can see what’s available and get inspired.

Of course, even with all of our preparations, it is always a possibility that we sell out of florals. While we try our best to supply fabulous arrangements for everyone, Valentine’s Day can be hectic, and we view that as a testament to the love and trust you place in our hands. To help avoid selling out, we encourage everyone to get their orders in as early as possible.

Valentine’s Day: Floral Arrangement Delivery

As Valentine’s Day arrives, our floral studio descends into a flurry of excitement as we carefully ensure each order meets the customer’s specifications, map out delivery routes around Augusta, Georgia, and coordinate with drivers to ensure your blooms reach you with the utmost precision. 

During this time, our design space may look like a mess to some, but to us, it’s a symphony of creativity, an expression of love, and a testament to the dedication we pour into every creation.

Valentine’s Day Floral Trends for 2024

When it comes to floral trends, we love to get creative and push the boundaries of tradition. This year, expect to see a burst of colors beyond the classic red. 

Inspired by the Pantone Color of the Year, we expect to see a lot of Peach Fuzz this year. We also expect lavender-themed bouquets to gain popularity. 

We expect a variety of flowers, including peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips, to redefine what a Valentine’s Day bouquet can be.

Pre-Order Your Valentine’s Day Florals Today!

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day begins, don’t miss out on amazing florals! Secure your preorders today. 

Instead of stressing or missing out, plan ahead so you can focus on embracing the romance and let your love bloom! 

If you’re in the Augusta, Georgia area, let this Valentine’s Day be a celebration of love and beauty, hand-delivered by your favorite florist, Blanc Flora.

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