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Sharon White is the founder and principle designer at Blanc Flora Floral & Event design Co. Having grown up around her grandmothers garden, Sharon's love of floral design began at an early age.

Since then, Sharon has worked in corporate as an event planning & marketing professional and has graduated  from the Floral Design Institute. 

Meet Sharon

Trending Bridal Bouquets for 2024


At Blanc Flora, we understand the significance of the perfect bridal bouquet in defining your dream wedding. As a top wedding florist serving the Augusta, Athens, Savannah, Atlanta, and Charleston areas, we take pride in curating bespoke floral arrangements that capture the style and essence for the day you’ve always imagined. 

Petite Bouquets for Intimate Celebrations

In this blog post, we’ll explore upcoming trends in bridal bouquets for 2024, focusing on how you can make an impact with floral size and style. We will help you make an informed choice that complements your wedding theme.

For couples opting for micro weddings and intimate elopements, petite bouquets offer an intimate touch that mirrors the event’s size and intimacy.

Delicate blooms like miniature roses and baby’s breath create a whimsical and ethereal atmosphere. 

Alternatively, small wildflower bundles add a rustic charm, perfect for an outdoor celebration in a picturesque setting. 

Consider succulents and eucalyptus for a modern, minimalist look, providing a fresh and unique twist on traditional bridal bouquets.

These petite bouquets also add complementary elegance and sweetness for brides with short bridal dresses or a short hemline party dress for the reception.

Single-Flower Bouquets for Timeless Elegance

Elegance knows no bounds. For brides seeking a tailored and refined aesthetic, the single-flower bouquet is the epitome of sophistication. 

Drawing inspiration from iconic brides like Kate Middleton, this style exudes a timeless grace. 

Embrace the fragrant allure of Lily of the Valley or indulge in the luxury of peonies for a lush and romantic feel. 

Alternatively, opt for the sculptural beauty of calla lilies for a modern and refined look.

Tropical Mixes for Vibrant and Inclusive Ceremonies

As a wedding florist, we see 2024 heralding in a rise in tropical-inspired weddings, symbolizing inclusivity and diversity.

Tropical bouquets burst with vivid colors and dynamic textures, making them ideal for couples looking to infuse their wedding ceremony with a lively, spirited atmosphere. 

Consider exotic blooms like Bird of Paradise and Anthurium for a bold and captivating arrangement. 

Alternatively, combine monstera leaves with protea for a modern, eye-catching bouquet that will leave a lasting impression.

tropical bouquet
tropical briidal bouquet

Dramatic and Cascading Bouquets for Bold, Energetic Wedding Ceremonies

Dramatic flourishes are making a comeback as cascading bouquets are taking center stage.

These dramatic floral designs create a sense of movement and flow, adding an element of enchantment to your bridal ensemble. 

Imagine delicate cascades of jasmine and lavender for a fairy-tale touch or opt for cascading ivy and roses for a romantic, garden-inspired look. 

A mix of large, dramatic wildflowers and bold greenery provides a natural yet stunning look for a wild and untamed aesthetic.

Casading bouquet
casading bridal bouquet

Key Takeaways: Trending Bridal Bouquets for 2024 According to a Wedding Florist

As you plan your wedding, remember that your bouquet reflects your personal style and the atmosphere you wish to create.

Whatever your desired look is, you can leverage not just color but also size and style to create the perfect bridal bouquet that enhances the magic of your special day. 

Blanc Flora is a wedding florist in based in Augusta, Georgia. If you’re outside of the Augusta area, we can travel to bring you the custom-tailored floral services you desire. Contact us for a personalized consultation or browse our online portfolio for inspiration — visit for more information on our wedding bouquet offerings.

Let’s create a bouquet that tells your unique love story!

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